The Australian Reiki Connection are currently working in conjunction with others to bring Reiki into the medical spotlight so it can be used as a complimentary therapy alongside the Medical field.
This is an ongoing process that was began a few years ago will take another few years as data is logged and science learns to understand that not all things can be explained in scientific and medical journals. The medical Board will probably take another 10-20 years to enable it.
The Solaris Foundation in Western Australia has been allowing other natural Therapies including Reiki to be used alongside treatment in their cancer patients for a couple of years now, supported by doctors and nurses.
Although this is on a voluntary basis only.
Overseas, Nurses in America undergo Reiki training on their own behalf and use it along with the normal cancer treatments, it aids in the bodies healing process as those of us in the Reiki world know. They have seen the results!
What do you think? Should patients have the right to other therapies while undergoing treatment in hospitals?


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