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Taylanki Reiki help you towards a healthy body, mind and soul.

Our aim is to help you lead the very best life that you can.

Who We Are

At Taylanki Reiki we provide Reiki Healing alongside Crystal Healing Therapy, Angel Card Readings/Messages from your Angels. Tarot Card Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Counselling, New Age Arts and Crafts.

Our aim is to help you lead the very best life that you can, let us help you find relief from pain whether it is physical/mental/emotional/spiritual or any area regarding your health.

Our Approach

At Taylanki Reiki we work with you to find out exactly what it is that is causing you to feel unsettled with yourself. In a caring, comfortable environment you will be relaxed and put at ease. We do this by using holistic, natural healing processes and techniques that work on all the layers of YOU.

These practises have been around for hundreds of years and in many different cultures, they are tried and true methods that have worked over and over again. What could be better than using a natural non invasive treatment to heal yourself? The answer is … nothing!

We recommend that you continue seeking advice from your medical practioner if you are suffering from a medical condition. But why not include a natural treatment like REIKI to compliment your treatment. It does not interfere with any other treatments you are undergoing. As we approach the healing process with a positive attitude, we also teach you how to care for yourself…

This helps you to have more self confidence, self esteem and a healthier body, mind and soul as all of these things contribute to how WE feel! We treat all of YOU, no matter which area is causing you to feel unwell or tired or stressed! Please let us help you with establishing a more peaceful,relaxed YOU.

  • Reiki Healing

    We provide Reiki healing sessions at various locations throughout Melbourne. We also provide a mobile service for those that require it.

  • Angel Cards & Angel Therapy

    Angel Cards and Angel Therapy all work together well in bringing you guidance, counseling inspiration and healing on all levels.

  • Crystal Healing Therapy

    Crystals are an amazing healing tool in themselves they can help heal your physical, emotional, and spiritual life! Worked in conjunction with Reiki they become even more so.

  • Meditation

    Meditation coaching can be done in classes held regularly or in private lessons.

  • Shamanic Healing

    Shamanic Healing which is derived from the American Indians and native tribes throughout the world and is a more earthy approach to initiating the healing process within the body, mind and soul experience.

  • Spiritual Guidance & Counselling

    If you require assistance to listen to your own Intuition and help with life’s mundane problems,
    we will help you to approach things in a more spiritual way to alleviate the hurts or problems in your life.

Our Premium Services

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