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Balance the body’s chackra energy centers.

About Steph Dunne, Reiki Master

Steph has completed her training in Reiki III and is now a REIKI MASTER. We are now offering the teachings of Reiki to students that want to learn how to be a Reiki Practioner from Reiki 1 through to Master level. Classes remain small to avoid losing the personal involvement that is required to gain a full understanding of the spiritual path of Reiki as well as the hands on approach, as once the journey has begun it is important to continue with ongoing coaching and contact at all times with Steph and Taylanki Reiki. Ongoing counselling and advice is always available to anyone that enquires especially students and clients, please feel free to contact us at any time!


For a number of years my psychic abilities have been telling me, my calling was to be a healer. But how to do this was unclear. My Reiki journey began a few years ago with a holiday to Cairns. Prior to this, I was extremely unwell and in a great deal of pain. Doctors were testing to find the problem. While driving through Cairns, I saw sign for a Psychic Fair. So the next day, prior to returning home, I attended the fair. I approached the stand of Dave, a Reiki Practitioner. Dave asked if I would like a short reiki session and chakra balancing, I said, “why not”. During this session, I felt better than I had felt in weeks. After the session, I felt lighter and in less pain than I had felt for a long time. Dave told me, if I was interested, he was holding a short seminar on reiki after lunch. I attended and a whole new world had opened up to me. On my return to Melbourne, my doctor gave me depressing news; I had a severe thyroid condition and type 2 diabetes. I began treatment for both. I also decided to begin my training with a reiki master and began to treat myself daily with help from other reiki practitioners. After 3 months my condition improved. A further 3 months and I was completely stabilised. Now understanding first hand, the potential of Reiki, I help others to heal themselves and improve their lives…

About Taylanki Reiki

At Taylanki Reiki we provide Reiki Healing alongside Crystal Healing Therapy, Angel Card Readings/Messages from your Angels. Tarot Card Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Counselling, New Age Arts and Crafts. Our aim is to help you lead the very best life that you can, let us help you find relief from pain whether it is physical/mental/emotional/spiritual or any area regarding your health.


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