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Pure bliss.

  • Reiki Healing

    We provide Reiki healing sessions at various locations throughout Melbourne. We also provide a mobile service for those that require it.We also provide corporate Reiki sessions at your workplace for your staff to help with stress and relaxation and short meditation sessions that will improve the mind and help with concentration issues and productivity within the work force. These are ideal short 15 minute sessions that can be fitted into the working day, we also provide a ‘clearing’ ceremony that will enhance the work area and provide a more positive workplace.

  • Angel Cards & Angel Therapy

    Angel Cards and Angel Therapy all work together well in bringing you guidance, counseling inspiration and healing on all levels.

  • Crystal Healing Therapy

    Crystals are an amazing healing tool in themselves they can help heal your physical, emotional, and spiritual life! Worked in conjunction with Reiki they become even more so.

  • Meditation

    Meditation coaching can be done in classes held regularly or in private lessons. We use teaching methods to help you throughout your daily life to help with stress, anger management, assertiveness and personal problems.

  • Shamanic Healing

    Shamanic Healing which is derived from the American Indians and native tribes throughout the world and is a more earthy approach to initiating the healing process within the body, mind and soul experience. Our aim is to give you an amazing HEALING experience designed especially and personally for clients individuall needs. This may incorporate different methods or a combination of all of the modalities.

  • Spiritual Guidance & Counselling

    If you require assistance to listen to your own Intuition and help with life’s mundane problems,
    we will help you to approach things in a more spiritual way to alleviate the hurts or problems in your life.


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