Corporate Reiki

Wellbeing in the workplace.

Corporate Reiki and meditation sessions

Team building, wellness and wellbeing with and for your staff and managers, CEO’s from the top of the line down to the bottom.
Building up self esteem, personal growth and power enhancing skills is just some of the things we help with.

Stress causes considerable problems… health related issues including Depression, Anxiety and work and family problems. Stress related illness costs the Australian Economy approx.$15,000,000.00 per year in absentism and low productivity. At least 3 days per year per person is lost due to stress… that generally starts at WORK!

What if there was a safe, natural therapy that could prevent and help people… YOUR WORKERS to cope with stress in their workplace and lives. At Taylanki Reiki we have Mini Reiki sessions, Short Meditation Classes as well as a combination of the two, all specifically designed for the workplace.

These sessions can be incorporated into a work day schedule, a lunchbreak or before and after work. Skills learnt in these sessions will last for a lifetime!!!

Many of our meditation students come to reduce their stress levels and learn relaxation stategies to use in the workplace as well as life in general. This in turn feflects on the productivity and motnational energy that converts to your profit margin and business.

Happy workers, higher energy levels satisfying out comes.

Corporate Reiki Melbourne

Taylanki Reiki offers a wide range of services for the corporate sector.

This is based on information that is beneficial to different practices and scenarios arranged for a personal approach to any workplace situation.

Contact us now to organise a meeting or for more information about our corporate reiki sessions.


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