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How often does someone ask the question, how can I find happiness?
The search for happiness has been going on since the beginning of time!
In this crazy, fast paced age we are living in now,it is getting harder and harder for people to be happy!
Why??? Because we all rush to work, play, spend family time and even holiday in a short space of time. We dont even breathe properly these days!
Have you actually taken a deep belly breathe today?
This is why so many people suffer from stress related illness and depression.
Happiness is fleeting unless you train your body, mind and soul to remember how to be happy!
A while ago my life was a mess!
How did I fix it? I didnt! I fixed myself… with Reiki, meditation, soul searching and a lot of deep breathing and contemplation.
Guess what! I am happier now than I have ever been in my life!
Did I win tattslotto? Do I have a big house? Do I have material things, like a new car? Do I have a loving relationship?
The answer to all these questions is NO!NO NO! NO! NO!
I found my self, my happiness in myself, not anywhere else!
AND life changed as I changed my perspective on things including myself.
Now I work with others to help them find themselves, I absolutely LOVE my job and I love and live life happily!
I am eternally grateful for all that I have in my life, surrounded by love family and friends…
This is why I am sharing my personal story here…because there are those of you that think life is just way too HARD!
I want to infuse you with hope!! I hope I have!


Reiki is finally being recognised as one of the complimentary therapies used widely in hospitals and hospices throughout the world. This is fabulous news for the Reiki community although Australia is still far behind countries like Germany, America, and other counties in Europe. We hope that this will change in the near future when people begin to see the amazing benefits Reiki has to offer those suffering from Cancer and other debilatating diseases. We all live in hope that a natural solution can be used along side more traditional treatments.

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The Australian Reiki Connection are currently working in conjunction with others to bring Reiki into the medical spotlight so it can be used as a complimentary therapy alongside the Medical field.
This is an ongoing process that was began a few years ago will take another few years as data is logged and science learns to understand that not all things can be explained in scientific and medical journals. The medical Board will probably take another 10-20 years to enable it.
The Solaris Foundation in Western Australia has been allowing other natural Therapies including Reiki to be used alongside treatment in their cancer patients for a couple of years now, supported by doctors and nurses.
Although this is on a voluntary basis only.
Overseas, Nurses in America undergo Reiki training on their own behalf and use it along with the normal cancer treatments, it aids in the bodies healing process as those of us in the Reiki world know. They have seen the results!
What do you think? Should patients have the right to other therapies while undergoing treatment in hospitals?


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