For anyone that knows me or has read my blog, you would know that I have put everything on hold to care for my mother, which I am very grateful for! It’s been a very humbling experience to care for your parent, a repayment of kind!

although It is still an ongoing procedure I am incorporating it into my daily work schedule , which if course is in the healing field anyway!

i feel Ike I have come through an amazing spiritual experience and am ver grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow through the challenges that came my way!

To be a part of the oneness with God , my angels and the universe brings me the greatest joy imaginable! the abundance if love and peace and feelings of being part of the whole is amazing! The eclipse of the moon that us upon us is creating changes that will bring challenges , joy and maybe some chaos too! Embrace whatever the universe sends me , good, bad or otherwise is my Mantra at the moment! Blessings.



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