imageWhen we begin to use our intuition and become more aware we allow our lives to become more complete.
We gain useful skills and use them to learn about ourselves.
Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies!
We learn how we relate to each of these parts of us .
We can then change how we respond to everything related to us!
Why we act a certain way, how to make changes to ourselves and our lives in a positive way.
One of the main things is how we self care ?
Because to be of benefit to others we need to be cared for and love and care for ourselves!
This is sometimes a hard lesson to learn, but with help we can achieve it!
Learn to care for YOU !
Taylanki Reiki has many options to teach you how to do this!
We run Workshops, Meditation Classes and Retreats that are all based around learning to Selfcare.
Which in turn begins to allow you to become more aware of everything and everyone around you!
Opening your energy and awareness to the Universe.
Do something just for YOU today and notice how good that feels!
Namaste and Love.

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